Blog Reading Round Up

One of the things that leads me to end up with a blog reader full of posts is not really knowing what to do with all those posts I want to read more than once.
If I mark them as read they’re gone =( but if I keep them as unread then they clog up my reader.

Then I had an epiphany! If I blog about these blogs I’ll always have a link back to them when I want to revisit.

So here is this week’s round up of saved blog posts.

Nails & Make Up
OH SNAP: How I Take My Pictures – A well written how to that I ought to read about 50 times!
Then and Now: Week 16 – Absolutely beautiful.
Digit-al Dozen DOES Animal Week – Purple Leopard, Then… and Now – I love leopard print nails, I just haven’t tried yet. I’m hoping to get some nail art pens and have a go at freehand leopard print.
Neon Leopard Nail Art with Nail Candy Pen + Giveaway – More delicious leopard print nails.
How to Draw a Perfect Cat Eye… Every Time – It should be this easy, I just seem to end up with wonky lines all the time.

Food & Drink
Recipe: Very Chocolatey Brownies – Brownies and marshmallows, need I say more!
Snickers Brownie Trifle – More brownies, this time with Snickers.
S’mores Rolls – Chocolate and marshmallows, are you seeing a theme yet?
Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream – What a sweet little treat in the middle of these cupcakes and Nutella too.
White Chocolate Drizzled Orange Cake – This looks yummy, hoping that I can get my family to try it.
Nutella Swirl Rolls – Definite chocolate theme going on, more Nutella.
Copycat Hostess Cupcakes – More chocolatey cupcake goodness.
Nutella Coffee Milkshake #CupofKaffe – I love coffee, especially iced coffee, and I love Nutella but I’m not yet sure how I’d like the little hard bits of Nutella in iced coffee.
Easy Meals for After Church – Sundays always get me. My family are used to a traditional roast on Sunday but they like to eat around 3pm and that just doesn’t work with my time at church. So I’m always looking for ideas so that they won’t miss the roast.
Magic Microwave Meringues – These look like awesome fun.

Coded Love – Simple but amusing, could be a fun way to invite your spouse out on a date.
Mooncup – I tried the Mooncup and it wasn’t for me but I’ve had my Meluna Soft since August 2011 and I love it as much, if not more, now as I did back then.

DIY Garden Sunlight Chart (How to Plan for Your Garden) – Clever idea, I really need to do this for my garden. Need to find a day when I’m actually at home all day though.
DIY Garden Projects for Kids – How to Make a Seed Tape – I am going to do this with my carrot seeds and most probably parsnips too.

Google Tweaks the Blogger Template HTML Editor – Well, as a self taught coder I don’t need any interface to “help” me, I code directly into Notepad++ (I can do it with pencil and paper if need be). Truthfully though a quick look at the overview of the changes and it looks fairly simple to be able to edit the template in the WYSIWYG editor or with the Edit HTML option.

Parsonage? – Our village still has a Vicarage (where the current vicar lives!) and also The Old Vicarage (where previous vicars have lived (and where I went to “Sunday School”)).

Mystery Braid Bracelet Tutorial – I see birthday gifts in the making here.

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